Our Story - NED

Our Story

NED provides the infrastructure that empowers the digital leaders of tomorrow. Our world-class data centre expertise allows us to transform innovative solutions into reality.
We work together with our clients to establish the upmost trust and commitment. Our hybrid and sustainable approach offers scalability and flexibility to our hyperscale, enterprise, and colocation customers with high reliability and security.

We founded NED with a passion for developing the highest quality data centers. Our founders have gathered around a clear goal: creating the future of digital infrastructure in the Middle East.

In 2020, the Israeli market was a “Blue Ocean” environment, lacking supply and in serious need of advancement; we formed NED and started working on our first project, Project ALPHA, driving change.

We are pioneering the digital transformation wave in Israel by developing stand-alone, sustainable, scalable, reliable, and protected data centers providing the most innovative and efficient solutions.

Through that, we are building our data centers as a bridge to the region, enabling transformation and dialogue with our global clientele and other countries in the Middle East.

Our team's experience and background allows us to intrinsically understand the needs of our global clients. Starting with the most sought after sites and supplying electricity, fiber, construction, fit-out, delivery, operations and continuity. our team's completing the value chain and excelling at every step.

Why Israel

Israel is an entrepreneurial powerhouse and a hotbed for innovative technologies, which are rapidly changing the global corporate landscape, continuously creating new challenges and opportunities.

Israel has a 3% annual constant population growth, relying heavily on the tech industry but currently lacks the necessary infrastructure to support this rapid growth.

Nicknamed ‘The Startup Nation’ for its high number of start-ups per capita, Israel boasts 300 multinational corporations R&D centers, predominantly of large international enterprises, over 7,000 active startups, and an economy dominated by industrial high-tech and entrepreneurship.

Strong R&D capabilities – Israel ranked second globally in R&D expenditure per capita.

Israel invests about 4.1% of its GDP in R&D, whereas the average among the OECD is 2%.

It is no surprise that the world’s leading multinational companies have all chosen Israel, including: Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Apple (three R&D centers), Meta, Intel, HP, Siemens, GE, IBM, Philips, Lucent, AOL, Cisco, Applied Materials, IBM, Dell EMC, Toshiba, AWS, etc.


~90% of the local corporations haven’t migrated to third-party solution